Our Process

Giving our clients freedom, one tax return at a time


First, we will onboard you and your clients. We communicate with you and them how you communicate. Use slack? Great! Use email, perfect. We will create a user for your new tax department at your entity and monitor that mode of communication. On our end, we bring your tax clients into our system and get their returns ready for preparation.


We have a detailed request list that will be provided to you up front for all of the tax returns we will prepare. You pull the information together and send it to us, and the compliance process is initiated! Our team will prepare the returns, review the returns, and get everything ready for filing. We will send the final draft to you and your client for final review and their signature. We have an experienced tax accountant, with a CPA reviewing and signing every return for your clients.


All returns will be available for access via secure servers. Your clients will sign electronically (for all federal and state returns that accept electronic signature) and we will mail them any physical returns needed for filing. We are utilizing best in class software to ensure client satisfaction.


Does your client have a mid-year complicated tax question that you need help with? No problem! TDT is your tax partner and will be happy to help with all your tax consulting projects.

“The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax.”



The Trial

 Fixed fee pricing based on forms.

The Splash

This package is built for companies just starting to offer tax compliance. It includes fixed fee rates per return and access to a robust tax team for additional needs, at an additional cost.

The Stream

This package is built for companies with a smaller tax compliance need. There is a reduced monthly fee, fixed fee rates per return, and limited included consulting time.

The Oasis

This package is for companies with a well developed tax book of business. There is a monthly fee, reduced fixed fee rates per return, included consulting time, and access to priority processing times.

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We can outsource your tax department from anywhere.


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