It is up to you! Some of our clients prefer to remain the primary point of contact for clients. We find that you receive the most value from our service when you allow our team to handle communications such as requesting open items and fielding client questions about the returns. We will help you determine your organization’s best communication method and set it up as part of our onboarding process.

We can do both! If you have multiple clients you know could benefit from tax planning and strategies, we highly recommend starting with our splash package or higher tier. These tiers include built-in tax planning time that your clients can utilize without you incurring an hourly invoice from us. This allows you to pass on the tax planning costs to your clients with more budget-friendly predictability and still ensures they receive the value.

Our team expects to turn around work within 10 business days provided we have all the information. We expect that within one week of receiving client documents, we will have reviewed the documents for any questions or outstanding items that need to be communicated to them. By the end of week two, we have a draft return prepared and ready for your clients to review.

Not at all! We know you chose an outsourced solution to save you time. Our experienced and dedicated team prepares and reviews every return for completeness and accuracy for work products that go to the client.

We outline the specifics of these items in our engagement letter, but you can expect that we would handle them similarly to you. If a client receives a notice, we will review it with them and then discuss any required action steps. We can easily help with some notice responses, such as helping the client respond with proof of payment or proof of mailing if there is a small issue. Responses that require more in-depth work may be a billable project, but we would discuss that with you before doing any work. In cases of client errors or omissions, we evaluate each situation individually and again would consult with you on the best approach to resolving the matter before doing any work.

We do! All returns are reviewed and signed by the qualified members of our team. The returns are filed under The Department.Tax ERO number and are ultimately our responsibility.

We provide you with an engagement letter addendum that you can attach to your current client engagement letters, including all the required language to disclose the arrangement. Outside of the engagement letter communication, we work one on one to ensure that your client experience is completely branded inside your organization. Your clients came to you for a reason!

Yes! We currently work with preparers in both the Canadian and Australian markets for non-U.S. returns. We are also well versed in preparing U.S. returns for companies with an international presence and helping prepare individual U.S. returns that may require foreign disclosures and FBAR filings.

We do! The returns are priced on a flat fee basis as well.

Not at all. However, we find that you will experience the most value from our services the more returns you have us prepare. If you are new to offering tax services, ask us about our initial offer letter you can publish to your client base to help expand your services!